Healthy Port Futures, w. Brian Davis, Sean Burkholder; the University of Pennsylvania. Passive sediment management strategies; Great Lakes Basin.

In collaboration with the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Ohio EPA, the project pilots passive sediment management strategies in medium-sized port communities in the Great Lakes Basin.

Sediment management is a crucial issue as sediment dredged from shipping channels and nearshore environs is typically disposed through open-lake placement and rarely beneficially re-used. HPF studies passive sediment management (PSM) strategies for port towns that induce wetland re-establishment while reducing the expensive and detrimental processes of dredging.

'Sensitive Structures: A Landscape Approach for Great Lake Coasts' was given an ASLA Analysis and Planning Professional award in 2020.

The following drawings visualize a series of algorithmic modeling studies, written to explore the experimentation and simulation of PSM over time.