The Fantastic Folding Forest, w. Fletch Phillips. Jardins de Métis; Quebec, Canada.

In all gardens, the fence divides, encloses, protects, and defines while the gate exists as either a humble threshold or a portal into another world. The project explores the capacity of the fence and gate to create a garden that unfolds within a found landscape, begging one to wonder if perhaps there was a garden here all along and all it needed was a fence and a gate.

From afar, the garden reads as a single fence. Moving closer to the site, a network of passages, entries and exits, cut-outs, solids, and voids emerge. The fence slowly unfolds into the garden and the garden folds into the fence. The red translucent material, wrapped through the trees, at once dissolves and reappears. The garden challenges the assumptions of space and enclosure – never revealing whether you are inside or out.