A Little Nonsense Now and Then, w. Michael Saltarella. Jardins de Métis; Quebec, Canada.

Children can create extraordinary worlds through just the smallest curiosity in a unique form, color, or texture. The simple act of running up and down a hill invites limitless possibilities.

The challenge of reaching the top and seeing what is on the other side evokes both wonder and excitement. We propose to heighten this excitement to that of the fairytale, one that is completely unique and promised not by technology but by one’s own imagination.

A path meanders through a rich meadow of lupine and cardinal flower. The starkly contrasting chartreuse lawn has gone and stretched from its earthly plane and looped upon itself. The loop is interactive -- one may run up it, climb it, or use the shoulders of their father to reach to the top of the 3 meter loop and touch its sky. A memory is born, and a world is conceived!